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Awesome Shower Steamer Formula In Grams

Updated: Feb 28

Lavender + Neroli Shower Steamers

This shower steamer recipe is formulated in GRAMS, which I think is a much more sensible way to weigh and measure, as you can weigh in smaller increments and it’s easy to calculate percentages when you want to scale a recipe up or down.

If you’ve never made bathe bombs or shower steamers before, there IS a knack to making them that goes way beyond getting the right formula. There’s a fine line between adding too little liquid and too much (and it’s dependant on your local atmospheric conditions), which can cause headaches with products that activate too soon, crack or even crumble to pieces. Most bath bomb makers will have spent a long time (and a lot of money) perfecting their technique including taking into account the relative humidity, time of year etc. when making and drying out their products.

Juniper Rosemary and Spearmint Shower Steamers
Juniper, Rosemary + Spearmint Mentholated Shower Steamers

This (very short) blog page and accompanying YouTube video are not tutorials, but just to give you a reliable recipe that produces firm, compact shower steamers in grams rather than ounces, cups and spoons which are often used in the United States. If you want to see how I make them, you can watch the video on YouTube here

Of course, you can use whatever essential oils you like, but I do encourage including menthol because it acts almost like a carrier for your essential oil blend. I expect that the effective sinus and airway clearing properties of menthol have no small part to play in helping inhale the vapours produced by the essential oils too!

This is for a 1kg batch and I got 17 tablets weighing in at 55g – 62g each. Here’s the formula:

Dry Ingredients

500g Bicarbonate of Soda

250g Citric Acid

100g Cornflour

50g Cream of Tartar

20g Kaolin Clay Powder

Oil Ingredients

14g Coconut Oil (melted)

20g Menthol Crystals

20g Lavender Essential Oil

10g Neroli Essential Oil

5g Rose Geranium Essential Oil

5g Benzoin (oil not resin)

6g Polysorbate80

Other Ingredients

Water – just enough to bring your mixture to a vaguely damp sand texture

Himalayan Salt dusted in Mica for decoration

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