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About Our Whipped Soap

This incredible, intensely fragranced multi-purpose product smells amazing and leaves a long-lasting skin scent. With a creamy, mousse like texture, just 1 level teaspoon is enough for your whole body, generating billowing clouds of baby-soft foam that caresses your skin like a velvet glove. Deeply moisturising, with nourishing avocado oil and silky kaolin clay, our whipped soap leaves your skin hydrated and satin smooth as well as beautifully fragranced.

Each 100ml pot is enough for at least 20 generous applications when used for cleansing, shampooing and shaving. 

  • Intense fragrance & long lasting skin scent

  • PH of 5.5, so ideal for both skin and hair

  • Made with naturally derived foaming ingredients used in baby products, so incredibly mild and gentle.

  • Lashings of glycerine and avocado oil makes it seriously moisturising.

  • Excellent for shaving and can help prevent ingrowing hairs.

  • Ideal travel product as you only need one container and it's not liquid!




Made with foaming ingredients used in strictly regulated baby products, whipped soap has a PH of 5.5 so is very mild and gentle. Lashings of glycerine and avocado oil make it seriously moisturising and the addition of kaolin clay makes your skin feel beautifully soft and silky.

Just 1 level tsp is enough for the whole body. Apply directly to skin or to a scrunchie/sponge

For areas of particularly dry skin, apply directly, foam lightly and rinse off.


With a PH of 5.5, whipped soap makes excellent shampoo. Super-foaming, you only need a level teaspoon to wash hair without irritating your scalp. Apply a level tsp directly onto wet hair and shampoo as usual.

*Customers report significantly reduced hair fall using our whipped soap.


Customers report that this is great for baldies too! Helps keep bald heads nicely moisturised and reduces incidence of flakiness and spots. Apply directly to scalp, add a little water, massage with fingers and rinse off.

SHAVING: Apply directly to skin in a thin layer. The glycerine, avocado oil clay ensure a smooth shave  and prevent ingrowing hairs while the kaolin provides 'slip', acting as a barrier between your skin and the razor to prevent razor burn.


Scoop a handful and disperse under warm running water. To increase the volume of bubbles, agitate the water to build voluminous clouds of soft, velvety bubbles.

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